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We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. With this, the idea of a book around #effinmoments was conceived. Demonstrating that we have all had such moments.
Containing in excess of one hundred and thirty #effinmoments, that will leave you resonating with the experience upon every page turn.


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A Readers Compilation

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If you resonated with some of the effinmoments in the original effinmoments book, then this is for you. We have compiled over 300 of the best effinmoments from around the world.
Demonstrating to you that, 'we have all had them'

Submit your effinmoments in the form at the base of this site and we will contact you for permission to use it in #effinmoments2 A Readers Compilation.

You can choose to use your first name and last initial or be anonymous.

    Submit your #effinmoments by providing some context around your effinmoment and we will consider it for #effinmoments2 A Readers Compilation. Of course, we will seek your permission for use and you can use your first name and last initial or be anonymous.