We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. With this, the idea of a book around #effinmoments was conceived. Demonstrating that we have all had such moments.
Containing in excess of one hundred and thirty #effinmoments, that will leave you resonating with the experience upon every page turn.


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Written and compiled on the amazing Bear Notes App

Soon to be released 'Grow Your Brand By Being Social' Additional sections are being added to include how to use social media effectively post-COVID.

    If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed I love a good coffee and sunrise.
    I live by the mantra, 'Carpe Diem', and coffee with a daily sunrise, help me to seize each and every day.
    Coffee, a coffee lovers journal is the perfect coffee table book, where I share great coffee images from New York City, Melbourne, and the east coast of Australia. Throw in a few regional cities and some amazing sunrises and I assure you the aroma of those freshly brewed beans will hit your senses.

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